Oct 3, 2011

Murderous Love #3

Murderous Love is a collection of songs inspired by, and written, during the dark winter months. While I was snowed in for almost a week during the big freeze last January, I wrote and recorded most of these songs - alone in my tiny bedsit. At the time I felt like I was in some sort of a cocoon, while the harsh elements threatened at my window I was safe and comforted, surrounded by the sounds I was making. 
As the months grew warmer and my album took priority over finishing these songs, I knew I would have to wait until the weather grew cold again before releasing this collection and here we are!

Once I began working towards finalising Murderous Love, some new (EP completing) songs came to the surface and I decided to include them so now it has become more of a 9 track album than an EP, but what the hell.. it was meant to be an EP so I'm going to call it an EP.

Since I am releasing this EP as a download and not getting a run of CD's pressed, I have been nusy making some hard-copy physicals for the real music lovers out there. I have completed two hard-copy options. 

The first is a 7"x 7" mounted print of the EP cover image (pictured below) accompanied by a CD-r containing the 9 EP tracks (3 of which are hidden from the public stream)

The second is a tri-fold CD package that I have carefully designed and handmade to include a detachable mounted print of the cover, a cd-r with the 3 bonus tracks and also 3 music videos and an Illustrated lyric book (illustrations by me).

Both packages and of course the download itself are now available to pre-order from my bancamp page. ENJOY!

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