Oct 14, 2012

The Ecstasy Of Isabel Mann

So, Halloween is fast approaching and the usual repeat screenings of gory, creepy, horrifying, scary (and some very dodgy) horror movies across cinemas AND the telly has already begun. Like always, we can expect to see many of the old classics like The Shining, The Birds, The Omen and The Exorcist, lumped in with a load of modern day big-budget CGI filled horrors and some creepy kid's classics thrown in for good measure (Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas are two I always look forward to revisiting)
However, at this time I have to say there is one film I am very intrigued to see and I can almost guarantee it won't be on any of your lists yet (maybe for some Irish readers it is, but definitely not for any of you following from abroad)
It's a new Irish horror film which has been made in Dublin called 'The Ecstasy Of Isabel Mann'.

Although it's not due for release until December, the gentle chill that has been creeping back into our mornings coupled with the darkening of these crisp autumnal evenings (and the general Halloween spirit that's about) is leaving me more excited than ever for what lies ahead with this movie! I stumbled upon it by chance when I saw some cool images pop up on my facebook feed. I emailed the person who had uploaded them, Mr. Jason Figgis (I didn't know him personally) and he filled me in on the whole thing. 

This was his brief synopsis:
"It's the story of a teenage girl who is seduced into an incredibly violent sect of day-walking vampires. Her class mates start to go missing and two detectives believe that she is the prime suspect. Nothing is quite as it seems for those about her as the disturbed teenager runs amok, killing at will in the woodlands by her home; aided by her vampire guides who are training her in the art of the kill - with horrifically bloody results for those closest to her."

Sounds pretty cool to me! Blood, blood, blood and more blood! Can't really go wrong with that. I've never heard of a Horror movie being made around these parts, unless it was by an American or UK based production company so I find that quite exciting. The words 'Irish' and 'Horror' are two words I thought I'd never be saying in the same sentence and even the fact that I now know that Irish Horror exists is just flippin brilliant!

Here are some images from the making of the movie to whet your appetite:


Behind The Scenes...
Writer/Producer/Director - Jason Figgis
Producer - Jason Shalloe
DoP - Alan Rogers
Score - Michael Richard Plowman 
Editor - Jason Figgis
Sound - Mark McLoughlin

Ellen Mullen - ISABEL MANN
Saorla Wright - JAY
Gerry Herbert - DAVID MANN
Mirjana Rendulic - MIRJANA
Karim Elgendy - ALEJO
Kevin Buckley - MARCUS MANN
Killian O'Farrell - JOSHUA MANN
Adam Tyrrell - AARON
Emily Forster - SAM
Jason Sherlock - LUKE
Sorcha Kerins - SKYLAR

Stay tuned to the blog over the next week or so where I will hopefully be getting my hands on the movie trailer for you all to see

Until then my friends...

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