Apr 29, 2010

Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night

I wanted to post the original lyrics sent to me by Emily (Balckbird) for Lupine Rot and Under the Ice.. beautiful beautiful work!
Blackbird is currently preparing her fantastical, theatrical, multifaceted and what i'm sure will be a MIND-BLOWING solo debut at :

Sinner's Circus

If you do ONE thing this coming May, this should be it!!!

here are her beautiful words..

Under Ice
By Emily Aoibheann

It's hotter than you think in here!
It's hotter than you think,
under ice.
It slaps of cold and stings of heat –
"I'm burning, I'm buring under here!
I am buring! I'm on fire!"

I am strangled and I float,
Elated and bereft.
The sufocation makes me weep, seeping –
"I'm crying can't you see
I'm dead, I'm dead!"

Tears stream and freeze,
My liquid grave is made of tears –
My eyes, the water, they are one,
I can see for centuries!

My heart,
It is red red red,
My breast,
It's bursting.
My lips,
Are red red
My tongue…

Is red –
Binded in the icy tomb
Swimming in the coldest womb, my hollow mother –

Pushes me down
it pleases me
You show me you are ugly,
You are coming to kiss me!

You touch my insides, outside.
You tickle and stab.
Trickle trickle –

I sink.

Lupine Rot
By Emily Aoibheann

my friend's lover looks like a wolf
he has a black beard and green eyes
his beard curls round like a wrought iron stairs
and wraps her fingers with black rings.

She cries and tears do dot his cheeks
A smile across his lupine face
And eyes that cast a blinding spell
They bring her to her knees again

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  1. Oh man! I found Armitage Shanks aaages ago on myspace, I'd freaking LOVE to go to that.