Feb 8, 2010

Stained Glass - Dance of Death

Bern Dance of Death" Stained Glass

Stained Glass window from Berne Muenster Cathedral.
The series of images represent death claiming people from all walks of life.
These images were very common during the Black Death in Europe.


I've always thought stained glass was one of the most striking and beautiful forms of art. As someone who does not attend church in any way frequently it's rare that I get the chance to be really blown away by it.. I wish there was more of the stuff about in ireland!
here are some more images

'house of rats' - Judith Schaechter

and finally, not actually stained glass but made from a photo of stained glass to make this stunning image


  1. I really like the 'House of Rats' one, it's very beautiful.

  2. Harry Clarke was one savage stained glass artist. A Dublin native, he died a pauper's death (what else?) in Switzerland in the 30s. You can see his stuff all over; Bewleys's on Grafton St, and the church in Phibsborough in Dublin, a church in Westport (dunno the name) and on my right arm!! It's really beautiful, lookim up.